Dear friends,
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I am glad to introduce to you the Foundation for support and promotion of the national cultural heritage "Pushkin Union." The initiators of its creation are the Ministry of Cultureof the Russian Federation, Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and the Patriarchal Council for Culture. The Foundation's activities are aimed at promoting the works of Russian classical literature and art, first of all among the Russian youth.

It is not by chance the Foundation is called in honor of the great Russian classic Alexander Pushkin. He is considered as the founder of the modern Russian literary language. His works are the cultural heritage of all mankind and are read and studied all over the world.

"Pushkin Union" will introduce to young representatives of the Russian society the beauty and depth of the Russian classics, applying the latest multimedia, interactive and visual formats and technologies as well as comprehensive possibilities of communication on the Internet.

The Foundation ill actively support and implement the youth competitions, large-scale educational projects, cultural exhibitions, festivals, meetings with artists, educational youth tourism, the creation of feature films, animated films and documentaries on the works of classical literature, research in the field of classical national cultural heritage.

Through popularising the Russian masterpieces of literature and art among the youth we will seek to revive in them the fundamental principles of traditional moral values, humanism and great spirituality and morality, zipped through the centuries up to the present day by the peoples of Russia.

In addition "Pushkin Union" is intended to serve as an important bridge of friendship between young leaders of domestic and foreign culture and to actively promote the classical Russian literature, music and fine arts in the world.

We will support youth and volunteer movement developing their creative potential and attracting them to study of the history of Russian culture.

For many of our citizens, this project is sure to become a "social elevator",contributing to their development and establishment in life.

Igor Eleferenko,
Chairman of the Foundation for support and promotion of
the national cultural heritage "Pushkin Union"